ok i will say something else
<<September 24, 2006 - 5:37 pm>>

i'm still around. i'm leaving this up because it existed. one day i plan to take it offline. [i don't know a quick way to do that, though.]

words are elusive these days and i'm more sparked by visuals. i keep a livejournal here: in a half lit world. if you like, catch up some day on the random stuff that doesn't matter anymore. if you utilize LJ, add me as a friend.

i am impressed at the number of people on my buddy list who still keep their diaryland going. very impressed. well, my pretty boy who i met on here still does it, too, and i suppose i should be impressed with that as well. his diary has changed since i've known him, though. less to mope about, perhaps. because it is ever so wonderful to know and live with me.

diaryland was a good experience and a good tool for figuring myself out. no doubt i'm embarrassed by some most of the things i've said here. someone last month found this diary through the name of a high school friend i mentioned. this person read through a month of entries back in 2002. the word for what i sounded like back then isn't coming to me, but it isn't very nice. whoever this person is must also be someone i knew from high school [maybe even Julie herself], but now i'll never know. i'm sure they thought i sounded like an idiot and moved on. i certainly would have.


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