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a bunch of things that, well, I can't seem to stay away from..

dream journal - This is something new I'm trying out. I think it's a FANTASTIC idea. You write about your dreams, and then you answer questions and pick out symbols in your dream to aid in interpreting, and eventually you also end up with a log of common dream symbols 'n all kinds of good stuff like that. The only thing I don't like is that you get very little freedom in how your dream journal looks. I named my personal dream journal as kind of a cross between Tori's "Hey Jupiter" and "Jupiter Crash" by The Cure.

design - I'm obssessed with trying to make the perfect layout, and here are some past attempts. Usually, I will have more than one template going for my entries. Now, I'm not about to sit and re-save each of my 500 something entries when I could instead be spending the time putting together another layout. Think of how it is with handwritten journals. I have about of million of 'em that I keep buying, write a couple pages in and forget about.. *shrug*

reviews - I love hearing feedback from other people, so here are review sites I've requested from, and there's another reviewed page for past reviews and comments.

rings - I went on a ring spree a long time ago, and this is what's left of it. I prefer to keep the images that the owners made. Who wants to read a long page of boring text? I like pictures!

surveys - A diaryland page listing all the surveys I've taken. Get lost in a world of pointless surveys!

quizzes - a separate page where I keep updating with various quiz results. I like the pretty pictures..

words - a diaryland page listing my favorite words, or entries, written by other diarylanders. good thought-provoking stuff.

wishlist - a few things that I would really love to own, and eventually I'll buy for myself..

and more.. - that's my links page. favorite etceteras.

..because I'm addicted!


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